BAMSI GREEN represents our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact through programs and practices that enrich and support the natural environment, promote sustainability practices, contribute to a healthy planet, and embrace our responsibility to preserve the natural environment.

Through everyday actions, we passionately instill a sense of responsibility and stewardship. Enforcement of our initiatives will be achieved primarily through education, awareness and a spirit of cooperation and Boar Pride.

Green Space Campus

Our beautiful campus situated on 800 acres, is nature’s masterpiece. There are green spaces all around. We are currently adding a medicinal garden, nature trails and other features to our campus.

Eat What We Grow and Source Responsibly

We eat what we grow and purchase local and responsibly grown and sourced products whenever possible. 

Our sustainable farming practices and responsibly sources products reap fresh, nutritious food to serve in our café.

Our Student Plot develops the skills and enforces the environmental stewardship in our students-so that they produce the best quality produce for their meals.

On our Research and Demonstration Farm, we implement crop rotation, drip irrigation, and other best practices in farming to reduce the use of chemicals and maintain good soil health. We strongly believe that this has a direct impact on people, animals, and the environment.

Minimize Food Waste

We reduce food waste across our operations with the goals of conserving resources and keeping food out of trash. 

Our operational practices include processes to reduce waste before it’s generated, programs to help our community decrease food waste, feeding those in need during instances of excess, and implementing composting program within the café and throughout the campus.

Operate Conservatively and Efficiently

We implement practices to conserve natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Fueled by the understanding that our day-to-day actions have an impact, we work closely with our community to conserve energy and water. 

We also minimize our use of fossil fuels and emissions across our fleet of vehicles and carpool as much as possible. We encourage a walk-first principle wherever possible or opt for a bike ride on our beautiful campus.

We turn off our lights in each room not in use and use energy efficient bulbs too.

Where we can, we go paperless, print on both sides, recycle paper, repurpose products.

Ban Single Use Plastics and Styrofoam

We minimize our waste by reducing, reusing and recycling. Across our operations, we have established practices from initial purchase to final waste disposal that decrease the overall cost of waste both environmentally and financially. In keeping with local legislation, we have banned single-use plastics and styrofoam – and using compostable, recyclable products. We have a bring your own cup or reusable bottle campus wide initiative to enforce the need to reuse. Each new Boar is given a recyclable drinking bottle during orientation.

Learn and Lead

Our goal is to educate and train the next generation of success. We are committed to a holistic approach to learning and have interwoven sustainability and conservation into our curriculum and our club activities.

Through our student led activities, community and school gardens have been created, clean up campaigns, repurposing wood for campus signage, and trash to treasure initiatives have been done.

All our degree programs have a common thread of sustainability and conservation. We are uniquely positioning our students to understand and address sustainability challenges and to lead society to a sustainable future.


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