About Bamsi

BAMSI has worked to meet national needs in scientific and technical research, filling critical information gaps. A key goal is the development of academic and research capacity in agriculture and marine science and technology, with a concomitant goal of information synthesis, dissemination and policy making. BAMSI is the conduit for scientific research studies and the dissemination and implementation of the same. Therefore, it is at the Institute that such scientific studies will form the basis for policy development to ensure the survival and sustainability of our agriculture, environmental, business, and marine industries.

BAMSI professors and students collaborate on countless research and scholarly projects across the disciplines and archipelago that advance scientific knowledge for the betterment of the country and the world. Projects have included Bahama Oriole Project; Crop Variety Trials; Nassau Grouper Aggregation; Conch Distribution; London Creek Project; Coral Restoration; Livestock Distribution; Roots and Tubers; Cascarilla Revitalization Project; Andros Community based Tourism; and much more


Student Research

About Bamsi

Whether conducted in the field, on the farm, at the beach or in the labs, on campus or on location, student research is a key component of our undergraduate degree program. Our students have gained numerous research experience, exposure and even publications through their research projects and through collaborations with international bodies.

Our students work under the supervision of faculty and staff to create world-class projects of national importance. BAMSI students have many opportunities to share their work locally or internationally and throughour Student Research Symposium. They have also co-authored publications in leading professional journals.

This research experience is invaluable for the road ahead. Students can develop meaningful projects that not only enhance their professional development, but also stand out on résumés and applications. Indeed, with their name on such important work, students make a big impression on future employers and academic institutions.

Students find that immersing themselves in a particular research question gives them a chance to personalize their experience, and it often serves as a springboard for independent study and scientific acuity.


Research Partnerships

Collaborative Projects that are Growing Us Forward

BAMSI is proud of its relationships with leading universities,NGOs, local and international organizations,industry and corporate partners and companies. We welcome inquiries from future partners.


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