The Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute Introduces its new Brand Identity


The enveloping circle of the BAMSI Brand is representative of the cycle of growth, unity and the first pillar of BAMSI, connecting farmers by building a community of support that benefits the people. It is also representative of a sunrise, rising on a new day to nourish and encourage the seedling to spread its roots and grow.


The book framing the BAMSI acronym represents the second pillar of the Institute; knowledge, wisdom and provision of opportunity — through education — for the Bahamian people to thrive as farmers. Knowledge strengthens growth — the seedling reaches for the skies from its foundation in education a metaphor for the development of the next generation of Bahamian agri-preneurs; students will ground and immerse themselves before taking root and reaching their utmost potential, lush, rolling fields and the abundant ocean portray nourishment and prosperity while illustrating the third pillar of BAMSI; to provide a sustainable food supply to the people of the Bahamas, supported by the work of the Research and Demonstration Farm. This also connects to the lone seedling situated within a controlled environment where its viability as a crop will be assessed. This bridges the gap between the work of the farm and the education, training and best practices shared with the AFP members.

Blue and green have been implemented to reinforce the core themes behind the identity; blue representing tradition, trust and peace; green representing growth, renewal and prosperity. Together, the colours represent life, nature and sustenance — core essentials of farming.

The woodcut style is employed to juxtapose old-fashioned appearance with a modern approach, representing farming and the increased knowledge we’ve gained.

Museo Slab typeface used for the acronym and tagline brings a solid, modern, yet approachable feel — and enhances the woodcut styling of the identifier.

The Blue Hole Bulletin

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