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About Bamsi


To be the leader in providing first-class education, cutting-edge technology and technical training in agriculture, marine sciences and related disciplines. We are devoted to a nationwide mission of inspiring entrepreneurs and preparing students for successful careers with a focus on environmental stewardship, leadership, research and outreach.



About Bamsi


BAMSI will cultivate, through an unwavering commitment to education, training and innovation, a dynamic experiential learning environment for agricultural and marine sciences and related disciplines that is student-focused, environmentally friendly, science-based, sustainable, technologically driven and services the needs of the Bahamas.



About Bamsi

CORE Values

The following core values and principles are embraced by faculty and staff of the Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute. These values guide our teaching, research, and outreach activities and support our Mission and Vision:

  • Promoting academic excellence
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and critical thinking
  • Focusing on student needs and development
  • Fostering a community of leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Encouraging research and innovation
  • Ensuring integrity and ethics in our actions
  • Facilitating community engagement, partnership and outreach
  • Supporting environmental sustainability and stewardship

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