Placement Exam


The BAMSI Placement Test provides diagnostic information on a student’s skill level in Reading, English, Writing, and Mathematics and places them accordingly. These scores will indicate if a student is college-ready or if the student will need developmental classes designed to build the student’s skills. Developmental courses are non-credit and do not count toward the required number of credit hours for graduation.

A student must contact Admissions prior to scheduling a placement test. 

The test is offered throughout the academic year-so check the website and admissions for specific dates.


Online Exam Dates

SATURDAY   MARCH 12TH             ENGLISH  10AM          MATH 1PM

TUESDAY      APRIL 12TH                ENGLISH   3PM           MATH 6PM

FRIDAY         MAY 13TH                  ENGLISH   3PM           MATH 6PM

SATURDAY   JUNE 18TH                 ENGLISH   1PM            MATH 4PM



Before Taking the Exam

  • Contact Admissions to confirm your eligibility for the test. 
  • Please remember the placement test must be taken before you can register for classes
  • Ensure that your application is completed and the $30 fee is paid for.
  • Study before the test! Preparing for the test can reduce the number of developmental courses required of a student and his/her total cost of tuition.

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