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Here at The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute, we offer free confidential short-term counseling to all of our students. Coursework, homework, career planning, relationship issues, or simply transitioning into a new environment, are just a few of the areas the counseling office can help. We provide a variety of counseling services and programs designed to support student academic achievement and personal growth. The mission of the counseling office is to help students build personal awareness, leadership skills and coping skills to successfully maneuver through their time here at BAMSI and beyond. 

Counseling services, also provide various workshops and Student Success sessions to all of our students, especially our freshman. These courses introduce students to the resources and skills which can lead to a successful college experience. A few examples of focused areas include Time Management, Study Habits and Skills, Campus Conduct, Relationships, and Health & Wellness. Course completion, which is usually completed within the first semester of school, leads to higher engagement and student success.

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