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Getting involved in student clubs and organizations is a great way to meet others, develop interpersonal and leadership skills, while pursuing your personal interests.  Our extra academic activities (EAA) are program-based to help enhance student field skills in real world situations.  Students are encouraged to pursue personal interest and network with others to future career development.

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“Food Security is Our Priority”

Members of the AgriClub are committed to developing sustainable practices toward ensuring a more food secure future for our communities. We adopt the founding principles of 4 H, to use our heads we will find solutions to make our country’s food supply safe and affordable, thus improving the health of Bahamians. With open hearts and strong hands, we help to strengthen the economic welfare of our rural farming communities.

COVID 19 and climate change impacts on our communities demonstrates the urgency that we must act now to ensure a sustainable food system for our nation. Join now and be a part of the solution.

Aquatics Club

The Aquatics Club is designed to give all students interested in marine studies the opportunities to strengthen their swimming and diving skills for scientific research, exploration and recreation. The Frogmen are the PADI Certified SCUBA divers of unit of the club.

Art Club

The Art Club is all about expression through visual arts. This club focuses on developing artistic skills, sharing techniques and inspiration amongst its members. Through our Primary Colors project, members are encouraged to inspire young members of the community to release their inner Basquiat, Renoir or Amos Ferguson.

Athletics Club

The Athletics Club is perfect for students who love to play ball. Whether it’s basketball, volleyball, a pick up game of football or baseball tournaments, this club’s members are fully devoted to team sports and fun.

BNT-Eco Warriors Club

This student organization is sponsored by the Bahamas National Trust.

Members are dedicated to the conservation of our country’s natural resources through voluntarism, education, and participation. Members visit and explore the marine and land parks of The Bahamas, work with Park staff on projects to develop the Parks, enhance conservation efforts and educate school aged children in areas of the environment. 

Circle K International (CKI)

CKI is a service and leadership organization for students interested in community service, leadership development and fellowship.  Develop and participate in community and campus projects in the spirit of the Club’s motto: Live to serve, love to serve.  Former Key Club members and aspiring Kiwanis Club members are encouraged to become a part of this organization.

Debate Team

If you enjoy public speaking and would like a chance to voice your opinion on hot topics, then this is the team for you.  Participate, be heard, debate it!  

Glee Club

This is a club for students interested in expressing themselves through music and the performing arts.  Glee Club recognizes and celebrates the unique gifts and talents of its members and gives them the stage to showcase music, drama, dance and poetry.  Students of the Glee Club develop self confidence that is reflected in their academic performance.   This club also serves as the official choir

GGYA - Exploration Team

“An expedition is a journey with a purpose an exploration is a purpose with a journey” – A.P. Lowery

Explorations are offered at the Silver level as an alternative to the expeditions. Team members place more emphasis on the discovery element than the journeying. The journeying time is reduced to 10 hours so as to allow the participants to focus more on the discovery element.   Exploration Team members map out hiking routes to explore and survey.  Team members must be under 24 years old.

Junkanoo Group

“Dey Comin”

Join the BAMSI Boars Junkanoo group.  This group consists of costume designers, pasters, dancers, drummers, bellers, scrapers, and horns.

BAMSI Boars is a registered Junkanoo Group.

Writers' Club

Members of this club use their talents in storytelling, and opinion editorials to make contributions to the BAMSI Blue Hole. 

YWCA (Young Women’s Christian Association of The Bahamas)

Young Women’s Christian Association of The Bahamas, (YWCA) is affiliated to the World YWCA.  This club is for women who promote Christian ideals of personal conduct, educational and emotional growth and social responsibility through the empowerment of women and girls.  This serve based club works with local and national organizations to address the needs of communities.

Student Ambassadors

BAMSI Student Ambassadors are our meet and greet team.  Student Ambassadors represent the Institute at special events and orientation week. 

Ambassadors are selected based on academic good-standing, personality, and character.  

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The BAMSI SRC serves as the voice of the student body.  It is the liaison between the student body and the BAMSI administrators. 



Student Organizations are affiliated with an external organization, facilitates professional linkages for student members, and fulfill a strategic goal of the Institute. eg. Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA)


Student clubs are not affiliated with an external organization, they are founded to support a specific academic program or facilitate an activity.  OurAgriClub supports the agriculture program extension and outreach. TheAthletics Club facilitates team sporting events such as community basketball tournaments.  


Student teams are formed for a specific purpose or goal.  Members are organized and committed such as the GGYA, Exploration Team. Teams are created to compete in events, such as the Debate Team.

Students are invited to form organizations, clubs, and teams. Check with the office of the Student Activities Coordinator for forms and details.

Clubs’ fees vary.

BAMSI has annual campus events that engage communities. our Christmas Production transforms our Campus Café into a Winter Wonderland of good cheer and celebration for all ages.

Andros has been hosting international students for decades. This creates opportunities for BAMSI students to make new friends and participate in discussions on relevant topics.

There are field trips and activities that are designed to introduce students to the natural wonders, national parks, and unique heritage of Andros.

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