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College Preparatory (BGCSE Equivalency)

The Prep Programme consist of Pre-College courses designed to make students who have failed to score at least C on the Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education examinations in Mathematics, English and Biology more competent in these areas. Pre-College Mathematics and English are taught over two (2) semesters and run for 3 hours per week for 26 weeks (2 semesters).

Additionally, Mathematics have one extra hour per week that is used as a tutorial session where students are free to ask questions and practice skills in algebra, basic statistics and graphical analysis. Further, students of pre-College Biology spend 2 extra hours each week developing hands on techniques as they become familiar with apparatus and equipment in the laboratory. Finally, the College Prep Programme is an interesting and fun way for students just out of high school to be introduced to college life while improving their problem solving skills.

College Preparatory (BGCSE Equivalency)

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  • Math (I, II)

    Courses integrate topics of arithmetic and beginning algebra, statistic and trigonometry and solves applications of the these topics.

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  • English (I, II)

    Students learn the grammar rules, principles of punctuations, capitalization, and reinforces their knowledge of parts of speech. Prep II focuses on language, comprehension, and communication.

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  • Biology

    This preparatory course in biology introduces the student to basic biological concepts and laboratory skills. Students are expected to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to resolve everyday issues. Topics include scientific method, characteristics of living things, cell theory, water properties,...

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  • Chemistry

    This course introduces students to basic concepts in chemistry. Topics include matter, periodic table, bonding, ocean and organic chemistry.

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