Business Management

A career path in management typically begins in a variety of positions in both public and private entities. A degree in Business Management gives our students opportunities to build skills across several professions. In addition to our courses, students learn how to develop entrepreneurship skills, conduct market surveys, create business plans, and learn how to pitch ideas to raise funding. Employment opportunities are available in wholesale and retail businesses, Marketing, Finance, Banking, Real Estate, Government Agencies, Healthcare and Charitable Organizations.

Students expand their communication skills through interview techniques and practices, discussion topics and role playing in real world scenarios, engaging and leading to successful careers with a distinct advantage. Success in management comes from studying a number of fundamental concepts, principles, theories, tools and techniques that are at the core of our program.

Business Management students at BAMSI are leaders that are acquiring critical thinking skills, with a competitive edge while preparing for entry-level positions in a myriad of fields. The Associates degree in Business Management allows our students the opportunity to also select general and core courses that would give them the transferable skills they need in a professional setting that’s continuously changing.

A degree in Business Management from The Bahamas Agriculture & Marine Science Institute gives you the expert Management skills you need to compete on an international level.

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