Tuition & Fees



Tuition $100.00 (Bahamian)
$200 (Non-Bahamian)
Accident Insurance $30.00 Year
Application Fee $30.00 Application
Audit $100.00 Credit
Challenge Exam $75.00 Attempt
College Preparatory $250.00-$350.00 Course
Drop/Add Course $20.00 Application
Deferred Payment Plan Service Fee $25 Semester 
Deferred Payment Plan Penalty Fee $50 Per month (max. 3 month)
Graduation Application $100.00 Application
Graduation Package $150.00 Graduand
Housing Security Deposit  $100.00 Student
Lab Fee $50.00 Course
Studio Fee $50.00 Course
Late Registration Fee $50.00 Registrant
Library Fee $50.00 Semester
Orientation Fee $50.00 One Time Fee
Programme Change $40.00 Change
Re-Admission Fee $30.00 Application
Exam Re-sit Fee $50.00 Course
Room & Board Prices vary** Semester
Student Activity Fee(full-time students) $75.00 Semester
Student ID Card $20.00 Student
Student Letters(all) $5.00 Request
Technology Fee $120.00 Semester
Transcript Fee $10.00 Official Request
Transcript Review $20.00 Transcript
Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit $15.00 Semester

*Fees are subject to change. Some fees are non-refundable, non-transferable. Please note this list is not comprehensive.                        Unless otherwise stated, these fees are to be paid at the time of registration


Fee Refund Policy:

Refund of fees will be made as outline below upon official withdrawal of a student from a program of study at BAMSI, or the dropping of courses in the non-subsidized programme, or under other applicable circumstances. To be official, withdrawal or dropping of courses must be in writing, using the applicable forms (Course Change, Withdrawal Form, etc), paying the requisite fee and submitting to the Registrar. The date on which the withdrawal request is received by the Registrar will be used for computing any refund. ‘Days of classes’ are days on which classes are scheduled. There will be no refunds of registration service charges and other fees expressly stated as being non-refundable. If you are expelled, suspended or have your residential privilege cancelled, you will not be entitled to any refund of fees.

Table 1: Refund of Fees. Please note that these do not apply to students enrolled in short courses or certain certificate courses

SEMESTER 90% 75%  50%  0%  

Fall & Spring



Before classes begin

Before classes begin

During 1st week of classes

1st & 2nd day of classes

During 2nd week of classes

3rd & 4th day of classes

After 2nd week of classes

After 4th day of classes







Private Donor Scholarships and Awards

These are made available to BAMSI students through the generosity of individuals and companies. The value and criteria for each award varies according to the donor.

Contact The Office of Admissions and Recruitment for more information.


Payment Methods

The College accepts the following methods of payment

  • Cash
  • Credit Card or Debit Card payments (Visa or MasterCard) 
  • Certified/Manager’s Cheque


Deferred Payment Plan

At the Institute, we offer a deferred payment plan to help students cover the cost of tuition and therefore making their higher education goals more attainable.

Bahamians who are in good financial and academic standing may apply for this assistance. There is a $25 per semester non refundable service fee for enrolling in the plan.

Contact The Office of Admissions for more information at  or

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