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School of Continuing Education and Transitional Studies

The Bahamas Agriculture and Marine Science Institute (BAMSI) offers teaching and training in various branches of agriculture and marine science and related disciplines.

The Institute and its programs are registered and approved by the National Accreditation and Equivalency Council of the Bahamas (NAECOB).


The programs provide the professional and technical qualifications necessary for various branches of agriculture and marine science and offer strong academic training and extensive hands on orientation with the goal of providing students with the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to make an effective and immediate impact.

  • Math (I, II)

    Courses integrate topics of arithmetic and beginning algebra, statistic and trigonometry and solves applications of the these topics.

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  • English (I, II)

    Students learn the grammar rules, principles of punctuations, capitalization, and reinforces their knowledge of parts of speech. Prep II focuses on language, comprehension, and communication.

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  • Biology

    This preparatory course in biology introduces the student to basic biological concepts and laboratory skills. Students are expected to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills to resolve everyday issues. Topics include scientific method, characteristics of living things, cell theory, water properties,...

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  • Chemistry

    This course introduces students to basic concepts in chemistry. Topics include matter, periodic table, bonding, ocean and organic chemistry.

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