Global Education And Experiential Learning

BAMSI is committed to supporting experiential learning and global engagements for the scholarly development of faculty and students and the pedagogical enhancement of the academic program. At BAMSI we get our hands dirty and our feet wet and have a whole lot of fun doing it! We welcome all to experience BAMSI and make it their home away from home.

At BAMSI you’ll enhance your understanding of human difference and dynamics by studying global issues and applying them to local or regional concerns. You will learn from others by engaging in lively classroom and lunchtime discussions with your fellow Boars or international comrades. 


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An internship is a pre-professional learning experience that offers meaningful, practical work experience related to a student’s field of study or career interest. Internships allow students to apply principles and theory learned in the classroom in a professional environment. Through internships students are provided an opportunity for career exploration and development as well as a chance to learn new skills. Some students are even offered employment and other lasting career opportunities from their host company.



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Student Leadership

Student Leadership provides a great opportunity for students to influence, motivate, and guide others toward achievement of their goals. At BAMSI we weave leadership skills throughout our curriculum and campus life. Through leadership you will have the confidence to lead, the skills to solve real-world problems and the understanding to be able to inspire others. 



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Beyond the Classroom Immersion

Our Beyond the Classroom Immersion programs allows our students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the community to service their needs. Experiences include community service and service learning through working with non-profits, schools, or governmental organizations. This program helps build the bridge between serving and learning and simply makes the community and individual better for it.



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Student Research

Are you interested in exploring a specific topic in your field of study? Through Undergraduate Student Research you will have the opportunity to collaborate with a faculty mentor, as well as work independently, to contribute to your discipline through research and real-world application. Whether conducted in the field, on the farm, at the beach or in the labs, on campus or on location, student research is a key component of our undergraduate degree program. Our students have gained numerous research experience, exposure and even publications through their research projects and through collaborations with international bodies.



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Study Abroad

Global opportunities await to broaden your horizon and develop a whole range of new skills and make some new friends along the way. A new city and culture become your classroom through Study Abroad. Opportunities across the world allow you to develop a whole range of new skills while broadening your cultural literacy and citizenship.



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Pajama Forum

Our annual Pajama Forum is one of our most anticipated events. Students and scholars from international colleges and universities converge on our campus for thought-provoking presentations and debates, and yes while in pajamas! This removes the barriers and creates a wonderful learning environment, and opportunities for local-global connections.



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